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SIMPLE NORFOLK CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organization) is a dynamic and impactful nonprofit organization based in Norfolk, United Kingdom. Established with the registration number 1175056, SIMPLE NORFOLK CIO is dedicated to making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

The organization's core mission revolves around enriching lives and building a stronger, more vibrant community through a range of diverse projects and initiatives.

Joe Barreto, Carla Barreto and Lady Fisher, speakers at exchanging good practice views at homelessness champions awards in 2008.

With a vision of nurturing personal growth, fostering inclusivity, and empowering individuals to reach their full potential, SIMPLE NORFOLK CIO has been at the forefront of driving positive change since its inception.

Guided by the principles of simplicity and transparency, the organization is committed to delivering tangible and meaningful impact. Each project undertaken by SIMPLE NORFOLK CIO is carefully crafted and designed to address pressing societal needs and challenges, creating solutions that resonate with the community it serves.

At the heart of SIMPLE NORFOLK CIO's endeavors lies a deep-seated dedication to supporting young people. The organization firmly believes that investing in the potential of the youth is key to building a brighter future. Through various initiatives and programs, SIMPLE NORFOLK CIO aims to inspire and guide young individuals in pursuing their dreams, overcoming obstacles, and achieving their life objectives.

Group of speakers for the Breakland Diristict Council national award for the homelessness champions awards in 2008.

The organization's multifaceted projects encompass a wide range of themes, including education, personal development, mental health, creative expression, and community engagement. By collaborating with experts, professionals, and institutions, SIMPLE NORFOLK CIO ensures that its endeavors are driven by evidence-based practices and a strong sense of purpose.

One of the flagship projects under SIMPLE NORFOLK CIO's umbrella is "Inspire Focus." This groundbreaking initiative aims to empower young people to focus on their life objectives, breaking down daunting goals into manageable steps and providing personalized support for each individual. With a commitment to inclusivity, "Inspire Focus" embraces the unique needs of each young person, offering a diverse range of solutions to address various challenges they may face.

LA Lakers and Tugas United exchanging pennants in a reception to the American club in 2012.

As a Charitable Incorporated Organization, SIMPLE NORFOLK CIO operates with the utmost transparency, accountability, and integrity. Its financial practices are ethically managed, ensuring that donor contributions are efficiently utilized to maximize social impact.

Overall, SIMPLE NORFOLK CIO exemplifies a passionate and compassionate force for positive change in the Norfolk community and beyond. Its dedication to uplifting young people, promoting personal growth, and building a stronger, more connected society embodies the spirit of philanthropy and social responsibility. Through its diverse projects and unwavering commitment, SIMPLE NORFOLK CIO continues to be a beacon of hope, fostering lasting transformation and creating a more inclusive and compassionate world for all.

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