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SIMPLE has performed

many community support

initiatives over the years,

providing advice services to

the local community, both local

and migrant communities, in different matters ranging from social needs to legal issues and many in between.

SIMPLE run a free community advice service from an office at the Swaffham Community Centre inclusive of external appointments for those with less mobility, in Norfolk that started in 2007 and carried through for over 3 years. During this period has dealt with hundreds of matters, advising, sign-posting and facilitating the communication between its service users and the many different agencies concerned.

Overtime the service evolved and became more mobile working on set appointments, model by which it still operates nowadays.

SIMPLE has since early on been a liaison agent serving a facilitator of services between local and external public and private agencies and the public affiliated with them. SIMPLE’s services aim to improve the lives of those who seek its support and acts in a holistic approach working with individual and families supporting their needs as a whole, helping them to find the path to a happier personal and community life.

Inspire Focus





a project that is

currently being

developed alongside

the community support already being provided by SIMPLE in Norfolk.

The aim of this project is to advise, guide and coach individuals of all walks of life, from teens to young adults to improve their lives. INSPIRE FOCUS provides support when they find themselves dwelling on their options, feeling confused, pressured or somewhat misunderstood, especially for young adults facing changing decisions.  In a world full of media, games, and an eternal number of distractions, the latest generations, although provided with more tools, find it challenging to focus on a life purpose.

Each service user will benefit from all the knowledge and previous experience of a personal coach, that will provide guidance in all aspects of each individuals’ life whether that that is at a personal, academic or professional level, until the beneficiary has achieved his/her full potential and is on the path to success!

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