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Tugas United FC

Tugas United Football Club was founded with a group of SIMPLE’s service users voicing that they lacked an activity, especially during the weekends, in which they could keep fit and socialize in a group where they felt accepted despite their background or occupation.

SIMPLE assembled its first team in 2008 and registered with the FA in local competition leagues.

The club has rapidly grown, and dispite some ups and downs, its membership increased and soon after there was a demand for organizing training and registration for children and in youth leagues. For a while the club had a ladies’ team under its umbrella, with a cheerful group of local woman that got together to get fit and have fun in a healthy way. They were inspired to participate as they felt accepted in a non-discriminatory a non-judgmental environment, were everyone was dedicated to help each other and just have a good time.

SIMPLE had a dedicated team in its management that was able to take the club to great moments, such as hosting and playing with LA Lakers from America, tournaments in London but most important the much coveted District League Cup, the League promotion two consecutive years, team of the month, among many other achievements in a league that is over a century old and full of local history.  It was the first time it was won by a new and emerging team.

During that time Tugas Utd FC and all its participants’ costs were being supported by its members fundraising activities. Between sports grants and a steady flux of income raised from running a Sunday Bingo at a local business, the club kept its financial sustainability throughout and enabled its participants to play free of any expenses.

The club had active teams competing until 2012 at which time it became dormant. This was due to a lack of availability from its volunteers to continue to run the club and added difficulties in finding new ones that could spare the free time or had the necessary qualifications to maintain the teams active.



As part of Tugas Utd and under the sports umbrella, SIMPLE has throughout the years developed many sports related activities and events for the benefit of its community, for both young and adults of all ages, gender, backgrounds or nationalities. 

One of those activities was the dance classes that were provided to youngsters in which they would then perform at community events, such as SIMPLE’s Christmas parties.

The Mini-Olympics was another; organized as sport event for young people as a run-up to the London 2012 Olympics. SIMPLE was supported through a sports events’ grant in order to organize a variety of sporting activities especially in athletics, with prizes for all participants, and a community day for members and families to socialize as they cheered up our future potential Olympians!

A Team of Champions
Cup dedication to young Diogo M.
Tugas United FC Chairman
Rosemberg S.
Dino enjoying the trophy
Group Photo
All for one, and one for all!
League cup trophy
U12 fun photo
Pre-Olympics 2012 fun run
USA Miami Lakes reception
USA Miami Lakes group photo
Lakes & Tugas  pennant exchange
Pre-Olympics long jump.
Egg & spoon race
Total focus on the egg.
Wheelbarrow race
wheelbarrow race
the sack race
Adults 100m
2012 pre-Olympics 100m fun race
London Easter Cup Tournament
Champions Group Photo
Club fundraising Bingo Award
Tugas United FC
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