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Gastronomic festivals


SIMPLE has organized various events to promote diversity, interaction and positive exchange amongst its community. One of the most prominent were the Gastronomic Festivals! A day at a local venue filled with flavours and tastes from around the world, free to the public and with the participation of local amateur cooks preparing delicacies from different cultures and nationalities for everyone to enjoy.

These events were quite large, much publicized by BBC, local newspapers and well adhere to by the public in general. Visitors enjoyed the food, for which participant cooks got prizes. They also enjoyed the music, whether from local bands or even from a Portuguese folklore dance group organized by SIMPLE.  The general fun atmosphere, mingling and exchange ideas with people from many different countries, were the perfect “ingredients” in bringing the community together.

Poster food festival
Food festival 4
Food festival 3
Food festival poster
Food festival 2
Folclore Traditional music and dance group
Folclore Traditional music and dance group at food festival
Food festival poster 3
Folclore Traditional music and dance group2
Food festival 1
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